A guest post from Mike Kellen on use of AWS by Synapse

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Recently, I sat down with Jeff Barr on the AWS report to discuss how we’ve used various Amazon services throughout our architecture while developing Synapse.  In the interview, I discussed how Synapse uses RDS (MySQL) as our back end database, Elastic Beanstalk to host our service and web hosting tiers, Cloud Search for providing a search across all Synapse content, and Simple Workflow to manage distributed scientific workflows (see also our AWS case study). The decision to rely heavily on Amazon as an infrastructure provider for our project was based on the belief that hosted infrastructure was they way of the future, and it was best to build technology with that future in mind assuming that services that were still early stage would mature along with our own work.  Despite a few of the hic-ups associated with adopting early stage technology, I’m still pretty pleased with the decision…

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Welcome to Christopher Bare

We are excited to announce that Christopher Bare, formerly of the Institute for Systems Biology, has joined Sage Bionetworks as a software engineer supporting the development of Synapse.  Chris has great experience both in the commercial software world, as well as working with visualization, analysis and integration of biological data.  He also happens to write a great technical blog, Digithead’s Lab Notebook, covering programming for the life sciences. Chris joins recent hires Jay Hodgson (Rosetta / Ceiba Solutions) and Eric Wu (Amazon) as we build out the Synapse software engineering team.