Synapse email

One way Synapse protects your privacy is by not exposing the email address you used to register with the system. However now you may contact other users via email by using the address, <username>, where <username> is the name shown on an individual’s dashboard (and elsewhere in the system). You may also broadcast messages to a Synapse Team on which you are a member by emailing <team>, where <team> is the name of the team (leaving out spaces and other email-address-illegal characters). For security (and to block spam), you must send all Synapse emails from an address which you registered with Synapse. You can turn off email notifications at any time from your dashboard settings page. We hope that this new feature will allow you to contact other users directly with questions about their work, strike up new collaborations, and communicate with DREAM Challenge participants or organizers. As always, we welcome your feedback.

-The Synapse Team


Synapse provenance editor

Provenance is a great way to both record what has been done to generate a result and also to get credit for the work you are doing.

Previously, Synapse provenance services have only been exposed via our REST API and our analytical clients (R, python, and command line). We have recently build a web interface to enable both creation and editing of provenance associated with any File stored in Synapse.

The Synapse provenance system allows users to specify how a File was generated – by providing a name, description, as well as any resources (either a Synapse-specific or external URL reference) which were ‘Used’ or ‘Executed’ in order to generate that File.

Currently, the provenance editor can be accessed by using the Tools menu on any File page – and selecting ‘Edit Provenance’.

-The Synapse Team