Introducing Synapse Teams

The Synapse development team is happy to announce Synapse Teams.

Synapse Teams will allow users to define lists of collaborators with whom they can easily share Synapse Projects, Files, and Wikis.  You can create a new Team under the new “My Teams” section of your home page, and can search for Teams by name when sharing Synapse content with others.  We are also releasing capabilities for Synapse users to both invite others to join a team, and for users to request permission to join a team.

Synapse Teams will also allow participants in DREAM Challenges to more easily build up content with Team members and associate their Challenge submissions with a defined set of Team members.  The Synapse development team is excited to start building more collaborative features into the system and believe that Teams will provide a basis for many of these future additions. For example, we’re looking to add the ability to send messages to a Team, or use Team membership lists in allowing people to give credit for work tracked by Synapse on things like Challenge leader boards and provenance graphs.

Start creating your Synapse Teams today and please let us know how the feature is working or could be improved by email at or by posting on the support forum.