Synapse moves out of Beta

It is our pleasure to announce that Synapse has moved from a Beta offering to a production piece of software. To celebrate, the Synapse website has been given major facelift – now donning a more sleek bootstrap-style interface and taking advantage of the full browser width. This will allow Synapse to build out more mobile-friendly content in the future.

Also new is that Synapse Projects are now organized using tabs to ease navigation through user generated content. The two most prominent tabs will be Wiki and Files – allowing users to craft their scientific narratives in a space immediately adjacent to their scientific assets such as data, code, and the provenance linking those assets together. This change in design will also allow for other tabs to be introduced in the future as further Synapse functionality is added.

We would like to thank all of our users who helped us kick the tires during our Beta phase. We will continue to add new features and roll out new versions of the service – and Synapse will continue to be a free service to the research community. As always – we welcome feedback about Synapse – and encourage suggestions for future directions.

– The Synapse Development Team


Focus on Pan-Cancer Analysis

The TCGA Pan-Cancer working group has published a set of papers in Nature Publishing Group (NPG) journals exploring the DNA, chromatin and RNA alterations across a diverse set of cancers.  Much of the analysis done by the working group leveraged Synapse services to share and evolve data, results and methodologies while performing integrative analysis, as described in this commentary. There is now a nice summarization of these studies with links to the full papers on the Nature website.

Kudos to the TCGA Pan-Cancer working group for their great research. The Synapse Team is excited to see researchers continue to benefit from their use of the platform. We hope the TCGA Pan-Cancer group can be used as a template for future large-scale collaborative research efforts.