Upgrade to Synapse markdown engine

Hello Synapse users!

The Synapse development team is pleased to announce the release of its own markdown processor. All previous syntax will continue to be supported, but users should see improved performance of page rendering as well as have access to the following features:

  • Superscripts, subscripts, and strikethrough text in WikiPages
  • Support of LaTeX-style equations both inline and blocks (integration with Mathjax)
  • Additional options for table styling (centering, borders, etc.)
  • Users specified language for all fenced code blocks to enable syntax highlighting
  • References or footnotes to Synapse WikiPages (via the reference widget)

More details are available in the formatting guide, which is accessible while directly editing WikiPages.

-The Synapse Team


About Brian Bot
I am a Principal Scientist working in Computational Oncology at Sage Bionetworks in Seattle, Washington and Community Manager for our technology platforms. Previously, I worked in the Department of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics at the Mayo Clinic for 7 years. This work included 7 years of dealing with cancer clinical trial data as part of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center (MCCC). I have extensive experience in working with clinical and genomic data and have a passion for exploring innovative ways to make science more open and transparent. My current work involves both doing innovative research in computational oncology as well as serving as a bridge between biomedical researchers and technology development. At its heart, this work is driven to re-envision how scientists can ensure reproducibility of their research results and communicate complex science to one another and to the public at large. I have been an invited speaker at a number of national and international events to share my experiences living at the intersection of biomedical research and technology.

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