Launch of clearScience

We have always envisioned that a key use of the Synapse platform would be to make it easier for researchers to record and document their scientific work in a manner that is easily understandable by others.  This vision just got a boost today with the launch of the clearScience initiative led by Brian Bot and Erich Huang of Sage Bionetworks.  Backed by a generous grant from the Sloan Foundation, the initiative will engage scientific publishers for their ideas on how Synapse can best support scientific communication.  Over the next several months Bot and Huang will be speaking to editors of prominent scientific journals, engaging researchers in a variety of fields, and presenting their evolving ideas at conferences including the upcoming Strata Rx.  And to support the clearScience initiative, Sage’s software team will be accelerating Synapse development for provenance capture and visualization as well as creating scientific narratives that link directly to content managed by Synapse.


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I've spent my career working at the intersection of science and technology. Currently I lead the technology team at Sage Bionetworks, but this blog contains my own thoughts.

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